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16 February

DEMONAIPES deck. The most evil and funny playing cards

After nearly one year of its latest creation, the old friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, strikes back with his new deck DEMONAIPES. True to his humorous style, Demonaipes arises from hell in a stunning limited edition of just 100 decks. A Spanish deck with custom suits where golds, cups, swords and clubs are skulls, cauldrons, pitchforks and torches.     Each deck will be signed by the artist and numbered between 600 and 700. This curious numbering system pursues…

18 May

OLYMPICOMIC deck. Even the Olympic rings can’t stop laughing

  Sense of humor and playing cards meet again. After the BaraJA-JA and The Kingdom of León decks, Carlos Garcia Valverde launches his latest creation: the Olympicomic Deck.     Using the same funny designing style, the Olympicomic Deck celebrates all the Olympic Games organized in the modern era, from Athens 1896 to Rio de Janeiro 2016.     Like it happened in the previous creations, the cards follow the Spanish deck schema, with the four traditional suits: coins, cups, swords…