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08 February

KING’S GAME Playing Cards. A different and creative way to understand Chess

Based in Spain, Karin Yan (Bona Fide Playing Cards) has always known how to combine a taste for avant-garde design and a deep respect for traditional cards. Her Nouveau series is a clear example of that, with reminiscences of the Spanish cards and the design elements of an artistic style marked by elegance and adornment. Her interest in art and literature also led her to create two decks inspired by the work of Alexandre Dumas. Her new campaign is something completely different…

30 November

Chess Playing Cards. Put your cards in your chessboard

  Inspired by the chess game, Roman Kotiv (NOIR Arts)  brings us an original and different deck of cards: Chess. Designed by by George Sikes and Eric Siddall, the cards depict different pieces of the chess game and the whole deck is customized. The design is bold and have an antique finish that gives the deck a sober and elegant appearance. Towers, kings, queens, horses, … all are present there. The creators have also designed a playing mate that will allow to use the deck…