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04 February

BLACK WIDOW Playing Cards: An elegant and dangerous reality

Four years ago, Justin Froyd and J.Gonzo (Jamm Pakd Cards) launched their campaign to fund the Black Widow deck. Although they did not have luck that time, the great magic and playing cards wholesaler, Murphy’s Magic, showed interest in the deck and it has become a reality: BLACK WIDOW. Inspired by the black widow spider, one of the most dangerous creatures in the world (but only for her husband), the deck has been conceived for magic and cardistry. Some changes…

17 June

Black Widow Playing Cards. The deck that will catch you in its web

  After a fantastic job in Coat of Arms, Justin Froid and J.Gonzo (Jamm Pakd Cards), launch their new deck: Black Widow. There is not a complex and emotional story behind this deck, but only the desire to create really cool cards inspired by one of the most dangerous creatures in the world, but only for her husband: the black widow spider.     The graphics are really elegant, with simple but striking lines, with a tasteful combination of black, white and…