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14 May

BICYCLE AIR SQUADRON Playing Cards. A design deck inspired by combat aircraft

LIOE Design is a company dedicated to the creation of original items with a modern design inspired by the aeronautical industry. Now they have decided to create a deck of cards: BICYCLE AIR SQUADRON. Inspired by modern aviation, the deck does not expect to be a reference guide for combat aircraft but a combination of silhouettes (very well documented) with artistic compositions of different nature. The result is, undoubtedly, very original.     The use of gray backgrounds and drawing guides…

22 October

ELEMENT Playing Cards. Minimalist design Made in Italy

Made in Italy, a new minimalist design arrives, inspired by the four classical elements: ELEMENT Playing Cards.     The artist Alessio Lombardi has redesigned each of the four suits to adapt them to each of the elements and the story behind them. Fire and Air, the red suits of hearts and diamonds,  and Earth and Water, the black suits of clubs and spades, symbolize values like purity, intellect, love or roots.     It is a simple but elegant design,…

13 July

Bicycle ELEMENTAL Playing Cards. The Four Elements series

  The idea of ??the elements as the foundation of life and nature arises in ancient times and in many cultures from east to west. These elements have traditionally been linked to philosophy, medicine or astrology and its relevance has been highlighted by famous people from Thales of Miletus to Shakespeare. Based on this ancient idea, Collectable Playing Cards launches a series of cards called BICYCLE ELEMENTAL. Each deck is inspired by one of the four basic elements in Western culture:…