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15 September

ANGELOLOGIE Playing Cards. An angelic deck!

After his success Demonologie, Emmanuel Valtierra dedicates his new deck to the kindly celestial forces: ANGELOLOGIE.     Each one of the court cards is dedicated to an angel, whose illustrations have been inspired by old books and manuscripts. It is possible to distinguish the different artistic styles in the cards as well as historical details told through the images to describe the different winged characters. The artists keeps that old book style and that well-known colorful touch. All the…

16 January

DEMONOLOGIE Playing Cards. It’s evil! … but it’s good

Inspired by ancient civilizations, old manuscripts and ancestral paintings, Emmanuel Valtierra has always offered us a very personal vision of millenary cultures. After five successful campaigns in which he has created a total of six decks, Emmanuel launches his new creation: DEMONOLOGIE.     Each of the court cards in the deck is dedicated to a character linked to evil. Demons, fallen angels or malignant creatures decorate the faces with an old book style and that well-known colorful touch of…