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Global Unrest Playing Cards. Jacks, Queens and Kings fight in the WWII

  After the success of Civil Unrest, his first playing cards project, the designer Robert J. Tomlinson faces a new campaign: Bicycle Global Unrest.   Global Unrest is the second in a series of three decks related to military conflicts: Civil Unrest featuring the American Civil War, Global Unrest featuring WWII and Colonial Unrest featuring […]


RISE OF A NATION Playing Cards. Masonic secrets hidden in the corners of the deck

Robert Tomlinson is an experienced playing cards designer and producer that founded his own Playing Cards Company. He created fantastic and popular projects such as the Unrest Series, Titanic or Gettysburg decks. Unfortunately, some personal issues unfairly forced him to stop using his own name to go on working in this business but he is a strong and determined man […]