This awesome collaboration between artist Milan Colovic (Sleepy Lantern Studio) and Max Playing Cards invites you on an interstellar voyage with an artistic concept that delves into the hypothesis of advanced alien civilizations before ours. It explores the idea that these extraterrestrial beings once visited Earth, leaving behind artifacts such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Easter Island statues. The deck intertwines the identities of these ancient astronauts with our own civilization, blurring the boundaries between past and future, light and darkness, and the organic and the mechanical.

Bionic Blossom offers two different decks: Timeless Depths and Dawn of the Ancients, each available in Classic (with a traditional tuck case) and Bionic (with a special opening mechanism in the tuck case) editions.

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  • Year: 2023
  • Production: SLEEPY LANTERN and Max Playing Cards
  • Design: Milan Colovic
  • Print run: 500 each design (about 250 each edition)


  • Printed by Noir Arts (NPCC)
  • Inner printing
  • Intricate embossing
  • Foil in green (Timeless Depths) and red (Dawn of the Ancients)
  • Original opening mechanism in the Bionic edition