ANIMAL INSTINCTS is the result of a symbiosis between the beautiful illustrations crafted by the expert hands of Darrin White and Kodi White, renowned tattoo artists, and a new production by two good friends, David Bollt (Minds Eye) y Max (Max Playing Cards), who have previously collaborated on successful projects like Professor Tate’s Traveling Road Show or Ethereal Dreams. These decks are more than simple playing cards; they are a unique fusion of art and storytelling that promises to captivate your imagination.

This production is a true amalgamation of art and human history, drawing inspiration from the eras of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages to infuse the animal kingdom with the essence of human emotions and psychology. With each card, you’ll encounter a unique character illustration, from the regal eagle king to the solitary toad prisoner, each portraying a distinctive aspect of the human experience. This isn’t your typical deck with dull numbered cards; it’s an entirely original set of cards featuring 54 illustrations that invite you to explore a world filled with colorful and charismatic characters.

These decks unite two artists, Digital Desires and David Bollt, in a new production by Max Playing Cards for Model Society.

The deck comes in two carefully crafted editions, Wizard and Minstrel and each one is offered in two different versions: Limited, featuring high-quality cardstock with a linen finish on the cards and an interior-decorated tuck box, and the Gold/Silver, boasting foiled and embossed accents on the tuck boxes and gold (Wizard) and silver (Minstrel) gilding on the cards.

But Animal Instincts isn’t just conceived as a deck for endless poker nights or family games. It was necessary to highlight the most spiritual dimension of these special cards and, therefore, each deck transforms into a highly intuitive Oracle that awakens a connection to the animal realm and human psychology. This special set is designed for those with romantic and intuitive souls seeking a unique tool for introspection and personal guidance. Every card in the deck features unique illustrations representing archetypes and themes of human life, allowing you to explore a variety of perspectives and messages on your journey. To enhance this experience, an elegant set is available, including the Wizard Edition with a comprehensive guidebook housed in a custom-designed and lavishly decorated magnetic box, providing a beautiful sense of harmony. These sets have also two versiones with (or without) gold foil (box and book) and gold gilding (book).

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  • Year: 2024
  • Production: David Bollt and Max Playing Cards
  • Design: Darrin White and Kodi White
  • Print run: 2380 decks
    • 650 Minstrel limited
    • 800 Wizard limited (250 in Oracle sets)
    • 400 Minstrel silver
    • 530 Wizard gold (250 in Oracle Gold sets)


  • Premium quality 350 gsm paper stock
  • Full-color inner printing
  • Embossing
  • Gold/Silver Foiling (in gold/silver editions)
  • Glossy lamination