Fourth deck (unreleased) in the Texture series. Two different editions of this deck were created, one in gray marble and the other in black marble.

The USPCC directives from January 2018 forbid any modification of the Rider Back, so this new deck uses the Maiden back.

Based on a classic Bicycle deck, the cards have been completely customized to give a realistic marble look on each card. For this, the designs blend marbles produced in different parts of the world in different colors (white, black, red, gray, …).

Created with magicians in mind, it can be used as a classic Bicycle deck in different card magic routines, as well as with the rest of the decks in the series. It also includes magical revelations everywhere, including jokers and tuck case.

The tuck case represents a carved marble block with embossing for a very realistic look.

  • Year: – (unreleased)
  • Production: Max Playing Cards
  • Design: Max
  • Print run: 1000-5000 decks


  • Bicycle branded printed by the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC)
  • High quality CMYK printing
  • Special lamination
  • Deep embossing for higher realism
  • Inner printing
  • Magic revelations in flaps
  • Custom and numbered deck seal