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09 May

TRIANGLE Playing Cards. An equilateral deck

Michael Scott (Home Run Games) surprises us with a truly original deck: TRIANGLE. After releasing a good number of restoration decks, this new and fresh campaign offers some absolutely different cards with a triangular shape. The aesthetic fits the latest Home Run’s creations with that well-known vintage look. This curious shape of the cards and also of the tuck case have required a very curious design of the faces where the symmetry is not double but triple.     Two editions…

13 March

Bicycle geoDeck. Geometric simplicity

  Garrett Olin (GODesign), an architect and designer obsessed with triangles, presents its Bicycle geoDeck, a deck with simple geometric shapes If funded, the USPCC will print 2,500 copies of this Bicycle branded deck. I leave you some images. For more information, please visit the project page. Good luck!