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28 March

THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SPADE Playing Cards. The key to magic and mystery

He has been showing and creating a huge expectation with teasers and mockups about his new deck. Finally, Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Stockholm 17 Playing Cards) launches his latest creation: THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SPADE.     When a designer with the talent and imagination of Lorenzo creates a new deck, inspiration usually comes from many sources, and that makes you to discover something new every time you contemplate the designs. In THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SPADE the artist has taken…

10 October

LE CHAT ROUGE Playing Cards. This cat has seven extras

Lorenzo Gaggiotti is an old friend of Max Playing Cards. I have shared with you all his previous works, since he begun with Requiem, a project full of emotion and a true story behind it. After that, he has made a lot of amazing works and has also funded his own company, Stockholm 17 Playing Cards, a seal of high quality designed decks. One year ago, Lorenzo printed his first No17 deck for promotion purposes within the CardLauncher project. He improved the…

17 February

No. 17 Playing Cards. Designed in Sweden, Made in the USA

  After a terrible heartbreaking story and a heresy against the tradition in playing cards, the talented artist Lorenzo Gaggiotti launches his latest creation: No 17. Actually, this is not the first time we see this deck. Lorenzo designed a first version as a promotional deck for CardLauncher, a new crowdfunding platform exclusive for playing cards, which had a difficult start and I sincerely hope someday returns to find the place it deserves. This new version has important design changes from…