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08 October

DELAND CENTENNIAL Playing Cards. The decks that “marked” the beginning of great card magic

Theodore DeLand was one of the great pioneers of gaff cards and marked decks. In the early twentieth century, he manufactured hundreds of tricks and decks that have endured throughout magic history. Now, the company internationally well-known for and selling online playing cards and magic, Penguin Magic, has decided to pay tribute to the great magician with the reprints of two of his decks: DELAND CENTENNIAL. For this project, Penguin Magic has teamed up with the magician, designer and expert…

15 May

“An Honest Liar” and the Amazing Deck. Seventh and eighth arts together

  Something very special today. Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom direct and produce a film called “An Honest Liar“, that tells the incredible story of famed magician/skeptic and enemy of deception, James “The Amazing” Randi.  The film brings to life his carefully-designed projects that publicly exposed psychics, faith healers and con artists with quasi-religious fervor. Today, Randi himself faces the price of a deception that might result in the loss of his partner of 26 years. You may wonder why…