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BICYCLE LADYBUG cards. Small and lovely bugs are everywhere

A new and fresh deck breaks into the scenario of the cards: BICYCLE LADYBUG. This creation is the result of the collaboration between Will Roya ( with the artist Artur Rajch. The ladybug is undoubtedly one of the most endearing insects, always related to color and childhood. This time, the charming bug has been the inspiration […]


BICYCLE FARO Playing Cards. A novelty without indexes for your magic routines and card games

Faro is a gambling game that became very popular in late 17th century due to its speed and easy-to-learn rules. Will Roya ( wanted to create a revised version of the Faro deck teaming up with Azured Ox to create a mix between the original essence and the most popular modern deck: BICYCLE FARO. Although at first […]


BICYCLE CYBERPUNK Playing Cards. Survival in a dystopian world

The collaboration between Will Roya ( and different artists in search of interesting designs for collectible playing cards is well known by all the card fans. This collaboration that produced more than a dozen decks in 2018 strikes again this year with the BICYCLE CYBERPUNK Playing Cards. The Colombian artist Jaime Meza has been inspired by […]


CIRCUS Nostalgic Playing Cards. The golden age of the greatest show on Earth

Continuing with the collaborations with artists from around the world, Will Roya ( has teamed up again with Joe M. Ruiz (studio Urge) in a new deck: CIRCUS. After the success of their previous collaboration with Bicycle Monster, this deck presents a completely different designing style, inspired by the most traditional circus world, with classic characters like […]


FUNGI MYSTIC MUSHROOMS Playing Cards. Play and collect, but, just in case, do not eat them…

Will Roya ( does not rest in summer and wanted us to enjoy a new and original deck: FUNGI MYSTIC MUSHROOMS. This mysterious name hides some very original designs where the protagonists are not medieval knights or ladies but flashy and hypnotic fluorescent colored fungi. It is a very unconventional style and a risky bet by Will […]


ANCIENT WARRIORS Playing Cards. They arrive at your deck from all places and all times

Cultures, mythologies, adventures and histories blend with hardenedfrom different times and towns in ANCIENT WARRIORS. Produced by Will Roya ( and designed by Marcelo Simonetti, a Uruguayan designer specialized in illustrations of tale and comic book characters, this deck presents a collection of warriors brought from other times and from different parts of the world grouped […]