BICYCLE CATERPILLAR Playing Cards. Get them before they grow wings

Will Roya ( just launched the most recent collaboration with Artur Rajch that friends of bugs and cards have been waiting for: BICYCLE CATERPILLAR This is the fifth deck in the series dedicated to insects after Beekeeper , Ladybug, DragonFly and Ant. A series that combines soft color schemes and natural designs.     Little […]

BICYCLE WRANGLERS Playing Cards. If you use this deck with other outlaws you will be in serious trouble

The use of marked decks in the 19th century Wild West was widespread. Marking gave an edge to scammers at the poker tables and was the source of great fights (and occasional deaths). Inspired by the days of cowboys and game, Penguin Magic presents a direct release of their own production: BICYCLE WRANGLERS. The BICYCLE […]

EVE Playing Cards: THE UNTOLD STORY. If you bite into this deck, you know what awaits you …

The creation of the world and mankind according to Christians is one of the most exciting stories written in the Bible. An interesting reinterpretation has just been released in a new deck: EVE: THE UNTOLD STORY. Adapting the illustrations from the homonymous graphic novel by Francis Testa, these cards tell the fascinating story of Genesis […]

PRAHA CELESTIAL CLOCK Playing Cards. The beautiful and animated astronomical clock

Prague is a beautiful city, evocative and inspiring of all kinds of artistic expressions. Strolling through its streets makes you feel in another place, in another time. In its town hall you will find one of its most popular tourist attractions, the astronomical clock, a technological feat built at the beginning of the 15th century […]

BICYCLE NINJA Playing Cards. A silent and deadly deck

Ruthless and silent mercenaries, the ninjas manage to convey that mixed sensation of intrigue and fear. Inspired by these mysterious characters, Roya ( presents his new deck: BICYCLE NINJA. In a new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, these cards collect the ninja fighting spirit through their different weapons and characters in a completely customized deck. The aces […]