More info about the “not-so-mystery” deck and MORE IMAGES

As many of you have stated in the forums, the deck posted in this blog is the old bicycle All-Wheel nº 2 back design. Some extra info about this deck: • Backs – All Wheel design in Red. • Faces – Traditional Bicycle design • Individually numbered deck seals (e.g, “196 of 2500”) • Magic […]

New bicycle “mystery” deck available soon…

In 1907 US Playing Card Company introduced it. It has long since been discontinued, with the artwork even missing from the USPC archive. This elegant design has been recreated from one of the last cards from the original printing. Available May 4th to card enthusiasts everywhere! Keep connected!!!

Blue Blood deck project succesfully funded

Successfully funded Blue Blood deck project by the fantastic UUSI artists group and edited by USPC. Enjoy some of its cards available soon I’ll add more information as soon as I have this deck in my hands. Perhaps some extra deck available if anyone is interested.

The Spanish Website about Playing Cards around the World

This is my most ambitious personal project. I have spent many years trying to start it and never found the time.  Even now, I don’t have the resources or the time to get it going the way I’d like.  But there is a moment you realize that starting is more important than going on waiting […]