I welcome you to the ONLY web of the world dedicated to playing cards and design and written in Spanish and English.

In early 2012 Max Playing Cards began this adventure of infecting my passion for cards all over the world. Year after year, hundreds of designers and thousands of readers have made this place a great meeting point for collectors, magicians, manipulators, players and cardists from all over the world.

The goal of creating a community around playing cards design has not been (and is not) an easy task but each time, more and more people see a deck as a small work of art and the cards as small canvases where to develop imagination, creativity, stories, experiences, ...

The experience in the playing cards world has led me not only to write about decks but to create my own designs. The Texture Series has become a success through the popular Rider Back Bicycle decks in which I have applied a finish of different materials (metal, wood, marble, ...).

In addition, this hobby (which is already like a job that steals my dream for years) has given me the opportunity to meet great people among creators, producers and printers from around the world. In this way I have also been able to help many artists, especially in their beginnings, to realize their dreams of creating their first deck.

If you like playing cards ... WELCOME!