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08 August

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Playing Cards. Eat me, drink me, enjoy me

Sasha Dounaevski is a restless soul. Born in Belarus, when she was 18 traveled to Israel for a six-month adventure and she has been living there for 22 years. During all this time, she has trained and grown as a graphic designer and teacher at a local school. Photography, painting, handmade are some of her hobbies. Interested in the crowdfunding philosophy, she found some playing card projects that amazed her and decided to create her own deck. Thus, she has…

17 December

CHRISTMAS Playing Cards by Natalia Silva. May your deck be merry and bright

Natalia Silva is an old young friend of Max Playing Cards. Since she began his journey in the playing cards design, she has shown her talent and sensitivity in each and every one of his works. So far, all her projects have been produced through crowdfunding. However, the last one, inspired by Christmas time, printed by the USPCC, has been recently released: CHRISTMAS Playing Cards.     With Natalia’s personal style, her childish vector designs, and the same color combination…

20 September

TUXEDO Playing Cards. I’ve never seen such elegant animals

The art of Natalia Silva is exactly like herself, natural, elegant and fun. After her previous decks, Russian Folk Art and “Love is …”, Natalia brings us her latest creation: TUXEDO. This new deck is inspired by a really elegant animal world in which all characters use black-tier wearing for the occasion. Following the natural vector style that characterizes the artist, each card has been decorated in a very fun way presenting elements that include flowers, bow ties and other “must-have” accessories for a night…

13 June

Omnia Playing Cards. Ancestral inspiration with modern design

  After the interesting (and a bit crazy) Delirium campaign, Giovanni Meroni (Thirdway Industries) strikes back with his certainly most mature work: OMNIA. Omnia remains true to traditional aesthetics but raises some modern designs with the apparent plainness of vector graphics but a high level of detail. Inspired by the most ancient cultures, mythologies and religions, Omnia cards are fresh and very clean. A classic beauty coupled with a complex simplicity. The campaign was funded in a few hours and it is…

02 November

Delirium Playing Cards. The Delirium Tremens vector deck

  Giovanni Meroni, creator of the Evil Deck, the winner of The Discourse deck contest this year, has just launched his last crazy deck: Delirium. Giovanni is a master of the vector illustration and he has designed something new, fresh and really funny. Delirium is a modern deck inspired in the classic french playing cards and it inaugurates the new branch of playing cards created by artist: Thirdway Industries.     The deck will be printed by EPCC and it has…

30 June

Evil Deck. Funny vector monsters invade these playing cards

  This article is about a dream, a common dream in this “neighborhood”. Giovanni Meroni is a 31 years old web art director, vector illustrator and graphic designer. He spends the day working on e-commerce websites but he likes to work by night in his own illustration projects. This is one of those projects: Evil deck. He loves drawing crazy characters in vector style and this is exactly what he has done in this deck. The cards depict a funny and…