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16 April

THE PLANETS: EARTH Playing Cards. A third deck with the feet on the ground

This series has already become a great success on Kickstarter. After the Mercury and Venus editions, David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) has just released the third deck of the series: THE PLANETS: EARTH.       Illustrated by the Serbian Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakk), this series is dedicated to the planets of the Solar System. The artist’s work combines vintage aesthetics with elegance and luxury finishes. This third deck is dedicated to our planet, the third in proximity to the sun. Depicting human…

09 February

THE PLANETS: VENUS Playing Cards. The second deck closest to the sun

A few months ago David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) launched Mercury, the first deck of a new series illustrated by the Serbian Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakk) dedicated to the planets of the Solar System. The second deck is already underway: THE PLANETS: VENUS.     VENUS keeps the common style of the series, with charming designs of pointy-eared characters like taken from a story. The flat colors give a retro look to the illustrations that together with the customization of pips and indexes make this a…

11 September

THE PLANETS: MERCURY Playing Cards. The first deck in a series of another world

When a few days ago David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) wrote to tell me about his next release I could not help showing my sincere joy. Having become one of the most popular brands through the minimalism of the Vanda Playing Cards series David begins a new creative adventure with THE PLANETS: MERCURY. After opening his “Artists series” with the Duel deck, David has worked with Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakk), a graphic designer based in Serbia specialized in retro-looking works for beverage companies. This collaboration has…

30 September

DUEL Playing Cards. The first deck of the Artists Series by Vanda Cards

After the popular Vanda series and other decks like Polaris, Mustache and Bacon created by David Goldklang, Vanda Cards company has been working over a year in the Artists Series to produce decks in collaboration with different talented creators. The first one is DUEL. Designed by Joelle Wall, London artist with a large number of awards and a recognizable personal style, DUEL is inspired by Harlequin character and presents a fun and minimalist design that does not go unnoticed.     Two decks have been designed,…

14 June

Vanda Violet Playing Cards. The minimalist design in purple blue

  Vanda decks pioneered projects of minimalist decks in Kickstarter. It was a great success and the starting point of David GoldKlang as a playing cards designer. After launching new works such as Polaris, Mustache and Bacon, David has created the Violet version of Vanda cards. This version joins its predecessors Golden and Crimson which, by the way, is sold out at the official store and you can get it only in the secondary market. I admit my predilection for these…

19 November

Bacon Cards by Vanda Playing Cards. The crispy deck is here

  Over a year ago, David Goldklang (Vända Playing Cards) tried to print a deck in collaboration with Baconery, a well known company specialized in food made with bacon. Unfortunately the deck could not be funded but the project wasn’t scrapped and we have had to wait all this time to see the Bacon deck become a reality.     Based on the popular food and its chubby supplier, the pork, the Bacon Deck has basically remained the same as its original idea….

08 August

Bacon Playing Cards. A very crisp deck

  A succulent proposal. Wesley Klein (Baconery) and David Goldklang (Vända Playing Cards) have teamed up to create the tastiest cards ever designed: Bacon Playing Cards. Inspired on bacon, the main ingredient of Baconery, this fantastic team have created three decks of cards: Bacon deck: a completely customized poker deck of standard playing cards Bakin’ with Bacon game: a card game based on bacon recipes Bacon deck gold edition: a new deck created along the campaign with cool metallic inks,…

24 April

Mustache Playing Cards: a new and fun proposal of Vanda

  After  Vanda and Polaris successes, as I mentioned a few days ago, David Goldklang releases his latest creation: the Mustache deck.   As the name already suggests, this is a deck full of mustaches, with a fresh and colorful style, and some interesting features: four colors for suits and four indexes.   Printed by the USPCC, the project has just been released and will undoubtedly be funded soon (at least, that’s my desire) Enjoy the funny presentation video.  …

05 April

Received the Vanda decks. Waiting for Polaris and new release soon by David Goldklang

  Here you can view photos of the Vanda decks (and other stuff) I received recently from the creator David Goldklang. The design is very elegant and the color scheme seems amazing. These are really nice.     I look forward to the arrival of the Polaris decks, undoubtedly David’s very best creation till now.   Speaking with him, he told me about a new deck to be launched by mid-April at Kickstarter. It certainly won’t be disappointing. I’ll keep you informed….

15 January

Polaris decks. The new creation of David Goldklang. THREE decks available

  A few months ago I talked about the revolutionary Vända deck and interviewed its creator, David Goldklang. David surprises us with a new and exciting project: Polaris. Three decks, Solar, Lunar and Eclipse, and a lot of nice add-ons. Main features of the decks are: USPCC printed on Bicycle stock with magic finish Completely custom design with modern woodcut-style illustrations Solar, Lunar and a NEW ECLIPSE Editions Borderless back design (amazing looking fans) 4-color deck makes it easy to…