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12 September

USMilPin Playing Cards. A sexy and very well armed deck

In previous articles I had the opportunity to show you different decks created around the pinups, those beautiful girls popularized by the US soldiers of the Second World War using them as patriotic charm (rather than erotic images). There are many designers who have used this inspiration to create beautiful illustrations and today I bring you an example: USMinPin.     USMinPin (United States Military Pin-ups) is not just a deck, but a reflection of the passion of its creators to recover the…

07 May

BICYCLE HOMETOWN Series. Playing cards to preserve the historical memory of the United States

Robert Tomlinson (Barclay Mountain Co.) is one of those men true to their roots. His work as a playing cards creator has brought us along last years many historical references from the United States, especially through their conflicts through the Unrest series. Over the past few years, Robert has been working very hard to preserve his memory and local history, infecting his love and patriotic pride to all those around him. For this, Robert has collected the interest from the…

25 February

Bicycle Robotics Playing Cards. Colorful robots of the future

  Inspired by a future world dominated by robots, the last deck released by Collectable Playing Cards shows us their own interpretation: Bicycle Robotics. With a striking design, where each suit is represented by a different color and designed with a different aesthetic scheme, the Robotics deck shows an interesting and varied cast of humanoid robots in court cards and jokers. The deck will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded and as it has happened in all the previous…

07 February

Bicycle US Presidents Decks. A poker night with 44 Presidents… and some first ladies

  There is just one thing better than one deck of cards to celebrate the President’s day in the USA: three decks of cards. And that’s what Collectable Playing Cards has recently launched: Bicycle US Presidents Playing Cards These cards have been carefully hand illustrated to depict portraits of the 44 presidents of the United States of America, one per card, plus 4 popular first ladies for the queens. This means that every card, including the numbered ones, incorporates a unique…

24 December

Lincoln Deck. The esence of the USA old decks

The Lincoln deck: a deck inspired on Abraham Lincoln and with the taste of the old and nice USA decks will be printed (if successfully funded). The deck will have 56 fully customized cards with 2 jokers, one blank card and one gaff card chosen by backers. IMPORTANT!:The project creator has announced that only if the funding reaches the 130% of the goal, the deck will be printed on Bicycle stock by USPCC. Otherwise, it will be printed by the…