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28 June

VIZAĜO Playing Cards relaunch. A new opportunity for happiness and color

After an undeservedly underfunded attempt, Annette Abolins has relaunched her deck VIZAĜO with some interesting changes that bring down the funding goal and move the project closer to the success. These changes include: Standard LPCC tuck box (with its semi-matte finish) Minimum print run of 900 decks Limited 1st Edition (shown on tuck box) Lower stretch goal for Lumino (blue deck), which will be unlocked at $18,500 AUD Vizaĝo is the Esperanto word for “face” and that’s exactly the inspiration for the…

30 May

VIZAĜO Playing Cards. Fill your face with joy and color

A few months ago I had the opportunity to talk to Annette Abolins. It was a pleasant discovery not only artistic but personal, since I found some of those human beings that really worth knowing. At that time I talked about her creations and her projects. The latest one has just been launched: VIZAĜO. Vizaĝo is the Esperanto word for “face” and that’s exactly the inspiration for the designs. Annette is fascinated by faces and she have drawn them almost…

04 December


Writing for so many years in Max Playing Cards has provided me with fabulous moments (and also some bitter ones), because I have had the opportunity to know the human quality of artists whose talent is hidden behind the fabulous designs I talk about. And there are (fortunately many) occasions in which meeting those human-beings behind the artists makes it worth the effort and dedication to this work. One of those occasions came a few weeks ago, when I had…

14 June

The Book of Shadows. The tarot cards of an alchemist in a parallel world

  Andrea Aste is one of those artists who captivates you from the first moment you talk to him. He is one of those artists who transcend beyond his own work. An art lover in all its expressions: painting, theater, drawing, poetry … never fails to explore new artistic adventures. The result of his restless spirit is The Book of Shadows, an exciting project of a parallel world, inspired by the Renaissance, in which the artist has worked and researched…

11 May

BRuT by Uusi. A Modernist Tarot and Poker Cards Deck

  It’s almost impossible not to know Uusi by now, as it is, without doubt, one of most prolific and successful artistic teams in recent years. After completing their series of SIX limited edition decks, they have released something exciting and new: BRuT Tarot and deck. With a modernist design combining simple shapes and colors but with a stunning visual impact, these gouache painted drawings presents the geometric shapes and the energetic simplicity of the pictorial and architectural Art Brut or Outsider Art…

01 January

Arcana deck. Hand-illustrated playing cards inspired by Tarot divination cards

  Chris Ovdiyenko is one of those artists that always surprises us in his creations without losing a very personal style fruit of a deep passion for his work. He just released his latest creation: Arcana. After playing with ghosts and dead in Oracle and Calaveras, Chris does not abandon entirely the esoteric in this new deck inspired by tarot cards. The Tarot Rider-Waite-Smith deck has been taken by Chris as his main source of inspiration. The Tarot Rider was created in…

04 October

Caravan of SEE’ers “Cartomancer” Playing Cards. The fortune in your hands

  Jennifer Kast collects antique and vintage Ouija boards and fortune telling devices, including all kinds of different tarot and fortune telling cards since the early 1990’s so she has always been interested in their fascinating origins and designs. Now she has designed her own deck of cards: The Caravan of SEE’ers “Cartomancer” playing cards. It is a custom deck with ornate design, fortune telling oracle and tarot alternative inspired by decks from the early 1900’s. The use of a…