The Book of Shadows. The tarot cards of an alchemist in a parallel world


Andrea Aste is one of those artists who captivates you from the first moment you talk to him. He is one of those artists who transcend beyond his own work. An art lover in all its expressions: painting, theater, drawing, poetry … never fails to explore new artistic adventures.

The result of his restless spirit is The Book of Shadows, an exciting project of a parallel world, inspired by the Renaissance, in which the artist has worked and researched for years, to carry us the result of his work as an artist, writer, director and graphic designer.

The project starts from a story of an alchemist working to create a mysterious manuscript and a tarot deck of cards full of symbols and secret codes. The atmosphere created around this story is disturbing and exciting, mysterious and beautiful.



The mystery of these codes are not just scribbles, but the result of a thorough investigation on similar elements of ancient civilizations and esoteric languages, as well as from the expert knowledge of linguists, sociologists and historians to give the project a solid documented basis.



As material resulting from the project, the artist will create a documentary film that mixes reality and fiction of this parallel world and ours own world. In addition, he will produce the two key elements of the story: the manuscript and the tarot deck.



It is therefore an interesting project for lovers of art, design, philosophy, history and, of course, Tarot cards. For this Tarot, Andrea has made his own interpretation of the classic tarot arcana, as the alchemist would have done himself.

Enjoy the images and videos and if you like what you see, please visit  the project website and get your magical tarot, created by the hand of an alchemist in a parallel and mysterious world. Of course, you can also pledge for the manuscript and the documentary.

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BRuT by Uusi. A Modernist Tarot and Poker Cards Deck


It’s almost impossible not to know Uusi by now, as it is, without doubt, one of most prolific and successful artistic teams in recent years.

After completing their series of SIX limited edition decks, they have released something exciting and new: BRuT Tarot and deck.

With a modernist design combining simple shapes and colors but with a stunning visual impact, these gouache painted drawings presents the geometric shapes and the energetic simplicity of the pictorial and architectural Art Brut or Outsider Art movement.



Uusi has decided to venture into this new Tarot format, with their own reinterpretation of their cards, using French pips instead of the Latin classic ones. The trump cards inherit the style of the famous Tarot of Marseilles, widely used for divination practices.

But this project will not disappoint those fans of poker cards because Uusi has also created a poker deck adapting the cards present in both decks.

The project has been over-funded and will be finished in a few days so both decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Cards Company using their Master stock and Linen finish.

In addition to the cards, Uusi has offered an interesting variety of collecting objects including hand-crafted wooden boxes and gilded decks.

If you like the images, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

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Arcana deck. Hand-illustrated playing cards inspired by Tarot divination cards


Chris Ovdiyenko is one of those artists that always surprises us in his creations without losing a very personal style fruit of a deep passion for his work. He just released his latest creation: Arcana.

After playing with ghosts and dead in Oracle and Calaveras, Chris does not abandon entirely the esoteric in this new deck inspired by tarot cards. The Tarot Rider-Waite-Smith deck has been taken by Chris as his main source of inspiration. The Tarot Rider was created in 1910 and was forgotten until U.S. Games bought the rights in 1971 and the deck became a competitor of the Tarot of Marseilles, considered the basis of the symbolism and design of Tarot divination.



The Tarot is a deck of cards whose use as a game was gradually relegated for its use in divination. There is a direct relationship between the origin of the Tarot deck and Latin suits (cups, golds, swords and wands) and Arcana combines these suits with the traditional French ones (diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs) establishing an interesting link between both decks.



But Chris doesn’t intend to create a Tarot deck, but a playing cards deck with tarot elements. To do it, he has kept three of the four figures of the Minor Arcana (the fourth is the page) and has created 4 cards as a summary of the 22 Major Arcana (the Tarot has 78 cards and a standard deck has 56). These four designs are some of the most relevant: the tower, the Lovers, the Fool and Death.



Regarding the design, all the cards have been illustrated by hand, with the detail and delicacy that only the style of Chris is able to provide. The cards show both suits in the indices and the engraving style of the drawings is absolutely stunning.



There will be two editions of the deck, the Dark and the Light Editions with the combinations in white, black and red that were so successful in previous designs. Both will be printed by the USPCC.

Just have a look to the images so you’ll decide to be part of this creation. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

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Caravan of SEE’ers “Cartomancer” Playing Cards. The fortune in your hands


Jennifer Kast collects antique and vintage Ouija boards and fortune telling devices, including all kinds of different tarot and fortune telling cards since the early 1990′s so she has always been interested in their fascinating origins and designs. Now she has designed her own deck of cards: The Caravan of SEE’ers “Cartomancer” playing cards. It is a custom deck with ornate design, fortune telling oracle and tarot alternative inspired by decks from the early 1900′s.

The use of a standard deck of playing cards for divination is called Cartomancy and a person who interprets meanings from the cards is called a Cartomancer. Playing cards were first choice as the tool to foretell the future for a very long time. Playing cards were not only familiar, they were accessible. Everyone had a deck of cards in the kitchen drawer or in the cabinet. Tarot cards, on the other hand were very expensive and difficult to find.

The popularity of playing cards being used for fortune telling peaked in the 1920′s and left behind a trail of magnificent cards from that era. Oddly enough, they are now the cards that are hard to find. They were easier to use than the Tarot and they really worked! Jennifer is bringing them back…



The Nile Fortune Telling Playing Cards deck in the green box is one of the original fortune telling decks put out during this time. It has a copyright of 1897 to 1904 and the booklet pictured with the Nile cards is a Fortune Telling with Playing Cards manual produced by USPC in 1921. Advertisements for other fortune telling decks from this era also produced by The United States Playing Card Company is shown in the back of the book. This is part of this deck inspiration.

Playing cards are closely related to Tarot in a lot of ways. There are four suits in both sets of cards. A Tarot deck has 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, whereas a standard deck of playing cards has 52. Both sets have 1-10 and court cards, but the playing cards are less the Knights seen in the Tarot. The Knights were excluded by French Cartomancers in the late 1300′s. In fact, some still believe the origin of playing cards actually rooted from the Tarot.

Caravan of See’ers’ written meanings and illustrations are interpretations of the cards that Jennifer has come to know to be true. They are scenarios based on a mixed collection of hers and thousands of other people’s visions and insight into Tarot and Cartomancy throughout the centuries that have now become almost universal.




The main deck of the campaign, “cartomancer” is meant to be used by interpreting the silhouettes acting out the meanings of the cards. It has definite roots in the cartomancy world with real meanings and an easy system for reading the cards while maintaining the beauty and elegance that so many playing card collectors desire. Something you don’t want to miss out on…the “cartomancer” deck is the next revolution of fortune telling cards made by The United States Playing Card Company.

Since the “cartomancer” cards are ornate and mysterious in their simplest form they are wonderful stripper decks. Fortune telling and trickery are the makings of the ultimate deck of cards for a performance.



There are two more Caravan of SEE’ers decks….the red “intuition” deck has one word for each of the 104 illustrations and the blue “novice” deck has the entire meaning right on the cards. These decks will be available as add-ons as soon as the main goal is reached. These are quality decks manufactured by a smaller company. They will not produced by USPCC because of the high minimum order requirements per deck design.

Jeniffer will be honored to have a deck of cards produced by the makers of Bicycle and a valuable collectable and tool for future seekers beyond our time.

More info and pledges in the project’s website.

Good fortune!