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05 December

RUSSIAN FOLK ART Limited Edition Playing Cards. The court cards are more Russian than ever

A few months ago Natalia Silva launched the most luxurious of her decks inspired by Russian folklore, the collector’s edition, with a colorful design on a black background. Since its price was a bit higher due to its special features and its print-run was limited to 75 decks, many of her fans regretted not being able to get it. Natalia, who never wants to disappoint her followers, has decided to create a limited edition of a standard deck with the same…

05 March

RUSSIAN FOLK ART COLLECTOR’S EDITION. The high gloss Russian luxury and exclusive playing cards

Some days ago, I showed you the new Edition of Russian Fol Art “Special Edition” by Natalia Silva. This campaign offers the renewed edition of the first and more popular deck by Natalia. But the artist, always inventing new and amazing proposals, has released a true collector’s item: RUSSIAN FOLK ART “COLLECTOR’S EDITION”.     This deck has been fully redesigned so this is not just a new and luxury tuck case with the same cards inside. Cards have a…

13 February

RUSSIAN FOLK ART “SPECIAL EDITION” Playing Cards. Let’s celebrate this launch with vodka

In October 2014, a talented Natalia Silva, with a simple, fun and very personal style, burst into the world of playing card design with her Russian Folk Art deck. A year and a half after that, Natalia has already created more than half dozen decks and each of them has part of her talent, passion and love for a well done job. Now, she strikes again with a memory of her first job: RUSSIAN FOLK ART “SPECIAL EDITION”. With this deck, Natalia…

03 May

BLACK MARKET Decks. Warning! The Apocalypse is here… let’s play cards

  Misery Development Ltd. (MDT) is a global team based in UK of about 12 hardcore devoted creatives, each with special skill sets. Directed by Nicolai Heering, they speak a lot of different languages as they are American, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Macedonian, Japanese, Danish and German, but they all have a common language: THE GAME. MDT created the award winning (and free) Stalker Misery mod, downloaded by more than 600.000 gamers worldwide. Since then, they have started a standalone, post-apocalyptic, visual novel game…

15 October

Bicycle Russian Folk Art Playing Cards. From Russia with Art

  I enjoy a lot those decks that give me the chance to know more about the creator and the culture behind the inspiration. This is one of those cases where the inspiration has one million of details about that culture: Bicycle Russian Folk Art. From the very first glance, every detail of the design makes Russia come to your mind. The artist, Natalia Silva, wanted to design something new, unique, something never created before so, since she is originally…

20 September

Winter deck. Cold, dark and beatiful playing cards from Russia

  “From the North, from cold and windy Russia comes the Winter Deck. Winter is cold, dark and dangerous in the places this deck comes from, but there is a strange beauty in this danger. Beauty of a hunting predator, deadly but amazing.” Winter Deck is a custom highly-creative deck of playing cards designed by Ultramarine Designs, a team of artists originally residing in Russia that has grown and obtained new members from USA and China.     Inspired by freezing…