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23 November

New projects and a great Black Friday by PLAYINGCARDDECKS.COM is revealing as one of the promising company that bets on card design. In a tireless activity that combines work with designers from around the world to create different and creative cards and a wide range of decks in his online store, Will Roya is getting a place in this hard playing cards creation world. I have written before about some of their productions like Chicken or Alice in Wonderland, and after chatting with Will, he has revealed to me some of…

26 October

Received the Bicycle SSUR deck. Discount for readers in European online shop

  Many readers have asked me where they can get the cards that appear on this website. I own copies of some of them, but almost all of them are available on the US market. However, collecting (or just get) cards made ??in the USA living in Europe has become a real obstacle. The increase of the shipping costs, the extra payments for customs fees and the maltreatment of the packages by the postal services are the nightmare of any…