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03 February

METROPOL ONE HUNDRED Playing Cards. One hundred minimalist decks for one hundred backers

Minimalist card fans and cardists will be definitely familiar with the Metropol decks, colorful designs by Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) from two successful campaigns. Now Mike has launched a new and unique campaign: METROPOL ONE HUNDRED.     Metropol One Hundred is something different from its predecessors. Keeping the same pattern in numbered cards and, especially, in court cards, the designs are somewhat more elaborate and sharp, with white background in faces and dark backs, less use of colors, more sober and…

22 October

ELEMENT Playing Cards. Minimalist design Made in Italy

Made in Italy, a new minimalist design arrives, inspired by the four classical elements: ELEMENT Playing Cards.     The artist Alessio Lombardi has redesigned each of the four suits to adapt them to each of the elements and the story behind them. Fire and Air, the red suits of hearts and diamonds,  and Earth and Water, the black suits of clubs and spades, symbolize values like purity, intellect, love or roots.     It is a simple but elegant design,…

30 November

Play Fair Playing Cards. Simple design for an elegant manipulation

    Kei Izumi is a Japan-based photographer and also a professional magician. He recently launched a new project called Play Fair.     While collectors are always looking for intricate designs with cool illustrations, magicians and flourishers are specially interested on simplicity in design. That’s the case of Kei. After using many different designs, he wanted something simpler, so he decided to design his own deck of cards. This is the very first playing cards project created in KS…

09 August

Metropol LUX Playing Cards. New editions of the minimalist deck

  Last year, Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) released the Metropol NOX deck, a minimalist and modern deck with a cool mix of color and a black background. After the success of this deck, Mike has released his new deck: Metropol LUX. Metropol LUX repeats the design of its predecessor with new and interesting color changes. Although this deck is clearly conceived for cardists, everyone will enjoy this new version because there will be three different editions: the Classic one, with a colorist…

31 March

ALPHA: the first minimal playing card deck made in Italy

    Modiano is an old and well known Italian playing cards manufacturer, specially for those European collectors. This is the very first time I talk about a deck made by Modiano, and this is a special style never done before in that factory: ALPHA deck. ALPHA is a deck where simplicity and elegance go together. Designed by Valerio Aversa, the deck reinterprets the classic poker suits from a minimalistic point of view. The back of the cards revisits the…

29 December

Shards Playing Cards. Geometric fragments and metallic inks

  Perhaps you remember System 6 and the Believe deck. Michael and Devonte strike again with a completely different proposal, a minimalistic deck with geometric cut design: Shards Playing Cards. The deck has been designed by the Italian artist Filippo Marongiu and will be printed, if funded, by the USPCC with at least four metallic inks in both front and back, something unusual that would make this deck really amazing. A cool die cut in the box will reveal the color…

18 November

Metropol NOX deck. Fluorescent and LUXurious minimalism

  If you want to see something different, come and have a look to this deck: Metropol Nox. Mike Lamber designed this deck trying to give the poker cards a twist of modernity and minimalism. He states that this deck will appeal to all the cardistry community, players, magicians and collectors.     The deck will be printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock. Each suit has a different fluorescent color and the contrast with the black background is maximum….