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11 September

CARTOMANCER Playing Cards. A deck to foresee, to play and to enjoy

Given the increasing number of decks created lately, it is not so common to find playing cards with a very deep inspiration. However today I present you a deck inspired by the human being, psychology, art, divination and many more things: CARTOMANCER. Cartomancer is much more than a set of divination cards, it is the dream of Alain Benoit, its creator, of offering a different deck, with original designs, in which each card tells its own story but, at the…

04 January

Kadar deck. Put a dime in the cabinet and you will know your fate

    MagicTao is a company that produces and distributes magic products. Its founder, Costas Damianou, has always wanted to produce a unique deck of playing cards that would be of interest to both magicians and collectors alike. This dream has become true with The Kadar Deck.       The inspiration for this deck, designed by Christopher J Gould, comes from the colorful cards in the 18th century and the cards carried by the nomad  fortune tellers who traveled throughout…