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16 August

MONGOL EMPIRE Decks. Genghis Khan will become (augmented) reality in your playing cards

More than 100 million people in an area of over 33 million square kilometers made the Mongol Empire the largest contiguous land empire in the history. C79 Studios, a young group of graphic designers, has been working for a long time on a deck inspired by the strength of this great empire and they have just released their creation: MONGOL EMPIRE. But MONGOL EMPIRE is much more than a deck of cards. The artistic development behind this project is huge and…

20 July

EMPIRE ‘Bloodlines’ Playing Cards. Daring, courageous and strong

  After working with Ellusionist on popular deck designs like  “Arcane“, “Artifice“, “Infinity” or “Fathom” , Lee McKenzie begun his own solo venture with the Empire deck.  Such a talented artist and designer, couldn’t have a better beginning and Empire was a total success. Thanks to that success, he decided to create his own company, Kings and Crooks, and he is launching his new deck: Empire “Bloodlines”. Although inspired on the same story, Lee has completely redesigned the deck and has…

09 August

The Persian Empire Bicycle deck. A second oportunity

  Cy Arian is a designer that launched a very polemic project some months ago. He designed a deck based on the Persian Empire with a very interesting design and supposedly to be printed on Kem plastic cards. He was heavily criticized because there were some inconsistencies on the project related to his statements of the plastic stock and the funding goal, and also to the original artwork that, as it was stated later, it was a mix of photoshopped…

23 June

Empire Playing cards. This deck will conquer you

    If you think you don’t know Lee McKenzie, you are probably wrong. It is true you perhaps have not invited him to lunch, but if I say “Arcane“, “Artifice“, “Infinity” or “Fathom” you will  immediately recognize his work. So, there is no doubt he is a talented artist and graphic designer, but he is also a magician and a dreamer. His dream was to create his own deck, and now, the dream has come true. The dream is…