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22 October

ELEMENT Playing Cards. Minimalist design Made in Italy

Made in Italy, a new minimalist design arrives, inspired by the four classical elements: ELEMENT Playing Cards.     The artist Alessio Lombardi has redesigned each of the four suits to adapt them to each of the elements and the story behind them. Fire and Air, the red suits of hearts and diamonds,  and Earth and Water, the black suits of clubs and spades, symbolize values like purity, intellect, love or roots.     It is a simple but elegant design,…

11 October

Retro Deck. Mid-Century modern style playing cards

  As an architect worried about the modern and sustainable environments, Kraig Kalashian started in 2007 a company called Pocono Modern, whose mission was to build an affordable modern home with quality materials cheaper then any other low quality house. They developed several products fitting with their idea of the ideal home and also with the mid-century designing style. One of those products was the Pocono Modern deck of cards that was successfully funded and printed by the middle of this…

06 September

Still don’t know CARDLAUNCHER? I can’t believe!

  Just a few days ago, CardLauncher, the new Playing Cards crowdfunding platform, was launched. Cardlauncher has been founded by Mike Ratledge and a group of people “Passionate about playing cards” in order to give the creators a new alternative to produce their decks and the community a new crowdfunding place specialized in Playing Cards. I talked about CL in detail some weeks ago. For the grand opening, a great marketing strategy, many giveaways and four fantastic campaigns have been offered…

09 August

Four Point Playing Cards. Design inspired by Design

  When art becomes playing cards, there is no much to say but spend some time enjoying the design and the illustrations. This is the case of this nice deck: Four point. Designed by Ben Vierk, Four Point is inspired by many things, including ancient symbols, impossible geometry, designs on money and yoga mudras. The result is something different, aesthetic and really special.     The deck will be printed by the USPCC and will have a embossed tuck box…

09 August

Metropol LUX Playing Cards. New editions of the minimalist deck

  Last year, Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) released the Metropol NOX deck, a minimalist and modern deck with a cool mix of color and a black background. After the success of this deck, Mike has released his new deck: Metropol LUX. Metropol LUX repeats the design of its predecessor with new and interesting color changes. Although this deck is clearly conceived for cardists, everyone will enjoy this new version because there will be three different editions: the Classic one, with a colorist…

07 July

Card Launcher. A new place for card design and crowdfunded production

  Crowdfunding has become almost the perfect (sometimes the only) way for creators to make their deck of cards. This funding model has worked really well along last years and Kickstarter has become a reference for crowdfunding and playing cards projects. Nevertheless, Kickstarter has shown its dark side. Funded projects unfulfilled, terrible delays, and a lack of connection between the funding and the production processes have driven some projects and many backers to the desperation. Within this scenario, other crowdfunding…

29 May

Deckstarter: the new meeting point of artists and card fans. Style and quality

  If you read Max Playing Cards you will know what crowdfunding is and how it works with playing cards. Most of the recent custom playing cards projects depicted in this website have been launched through Kickstarter, a platform dedicated to any kind of project where playing cards design has found a place to grow. Good news for playing cards fans and creators! Deckstarter, a new crowdfunding and production website only for playing cards has been launched. A group of…

18 November

Metropol NOX deck. Fluorescent and LUXurious minimalism

  If you want to see something different, come and have a look to this deck: Metropol Nox. Mike Lamber designed this deck trying to give the poker cards a twist of modernity and minimalism. He states that this deck will appeal to all the cardistry community, players, magicians and collectors.     The deck will be printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock. Each suit has a different fluorescent color and the contrast with the black background is maximum….

26 February

A new great blog about cards and design for collectors

There are a lot of websites dedicated to playing cards but this new one is made by a fantastic guy and a greedy collector of nice designed playing cards. I encourage you to visit and subscribe to this website, where you will find a lot of playing cards specially created for art lovers and collectors. You can also follow it in the main social networks.

25 July

Chromatic deck. Color and design explosion

  I found this wonderful deck surfing the Internet and I couldn’t resist sharing it with my small but selected group of followers. This is the Chromatic deck . A colorful and amazing deck of cards that will delight fans of fans.     I had the opportunity to speak with its creator, Lily Andrea Seidel, a kind and young designer full of enthusiasm and talent, as can be seen in her gallery at Devianart or Redbubble. The Chromatic deck…