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07 September

BICYCICLE TOMB OF CTHULHU Playing Cards. Mystery engraved on stone

Lovecraft and his fantastic world seems to remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new playing cards designs. The last one is BICYCLE TOMB OF CTHULHU. One of the first companies that created card designs inspired by the myth of Lovecraft was 4PM in their Mythos: Necronomicon deck. Four years later, Playing Cards Dot Net releases Tomb of Cthulhu, that was actually conceived as the first one in the Mythos series.     The atmosphere of the deck is dark as a…

11 March

Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection Playing Cards. The reborn of an old monster

  I have to admit Nat Iwata is one of my favorite playing cards creators. He has been involved in awesome projects and awesome decks. After launching his first deck, Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu, he had successful projects, but he always wanted to make some improvements on the design of his very first deck. So, he launched this new campaign: Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection. Although the general artwork remains the same, Nat has included some improvements such as thin borders, a new…

30 January

CTHULHU: The Great Old One. Game and Bicycle deck. Exclusive images

  After the fabulous success of the New Cthulhu Bicycle Deck, Dann Kriss Games re-launch the campaign for their very first card game: CTHULHU: The Great Old One. Based on the myth of Lovecraft that already inspired his previous decks, Dann Chris proposes a dynamic and exciting card game with a luxury apparel: 80 cards beautifully illustrated by Ian Daniels on high quality card stock. There will be two versions of the deck, one standard and one limited.    …

13 November

Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark. Three decks, one artist

  If I say “Shane Tyree is an artist with a strong experience on playing card designing” you will probably have some doubts but if I say “Call of Cthulhu”, “The White Rabbit”, “Synthesis” or “The Name of the Wind” you will perfect will know what (and who) I am taking about. Shane is the designer behind all those well-known decks. He has launched his first venture and it is obvious it will be a true success as the project…

13 November

Last hours of Bicycle Meridian by TPX Designs. Special offer for readers

  Funded some days ago, Bicycle Meridian deck project, the last creation by Noel Quiles, from TPX Designs, will finish in some hours. An intricate and elegant design in a deck with 52 cards, 2 gaff cards, magic reveal and custom faces and jokers that will be printed by USPCC. There is also a limited Black tuck box deck design and many add-on accessories. This is the last opportunity to get the deck with interesting prices and promotions so go…

07 November

Bicycle Cthulhu deck by Cthulhu Project. Too much Cthulhu? I don’t think so…

  I’m almost sure no one will be surprised to hear about a deck dedicated to the world of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos . Almost half dozen Bicycle decks inspired by the famous writer have been produced or will be produced shortly. This is the Bicycle Cthulhu deck created by a Spanish group of fans of Lovecraft that decided to found the Cthulhu project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of the writer creating products based on…

29 October

Last days of Bicycle Cthulhu. Interview to Dan Criss and SPECIAL OFFER for readers

  Yesterday, I was talking to Dan Criss, the creator of the new Bicycle Cthulhu decks I was writing about some days ago. He is an enthusiastic of his work and we were talking about the project and the third deck of the campaign that is really near as a stretch goal. I took advantage to ask some things about he and his work and here you have the summary of what he told me. “From the moment I first…

18 October

Bicycle Steampunk Pirates: three decks and five days left

  A few days ago I published an interview with Nat Iwata because of the launch of his latest deck : Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. The campaign, as predicted, has been a success and with just 7 days left to the end, it has already achieved almost twice its original funding goal. Throughout the campaign, Nat has offered not just a deck, but three, and several cool add-ons. The three decks are actually the same cards, but two of them are…

06 October

NEW Cthulhu Bicycle decks by Dann Kriss Games. The myth strikes back

  For nearly a century, countless readers have come upon the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and become entranced by his words. His stories tell of scholars and dreamers, visions and secrets, gods and madmen. Many modern horror and fantasy authors cite Lovecraft as both their inspiration and favorite author. This is not the very first time that we see a deck inspired on Lovecraft characters, specially on the Cthulhu myth. In fact, we could say this is not the first…

12 September

The story behind Nat Iwata’s work and his new deck: Steampunk Pirates

  Nat Iwata is a talented designer of playing cards. He begun in Kickstarter with a cool Steampunk Alphabet book, and he decided to enter in the playing cards design business with his Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu project. After that success, he created the Bicycle Elves and Orcs deck and now he is going to release a new deck: Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. I talked to him about the story behind him and his work and this is what he told to…