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17 December

BICYCLE ERFWORLD decks. Characters from the webcomic universe visit the world of playing cards

Both worlds of comic and playing cards join together in the most recent project by Rob Balder: BICYCLE ERFWORLD. Rob created a fiction universe called Erfworld exactly 10 years ago with the help of talented illustrators like Jamie Noguchi and David Hahn at the beginning, followed by Xin Ye (in 2009) and Lauri Ahonen (last year), both great fans of the history. Rob is not new at all in crowdfunding. He has a long experience and a fantastic group of loyal…

09 October

THE STAR KINGS decks. A space trip from graphic novel to playing cards

What is the relation between the martial arts coaching and the space opera playing cards design? Well, the answer is Serhii Sheludchenko, a Muay Thai and Full Contact Kickboxing coach by day and a fantasy space opera writer by night. He partnered the creative SVI group to create a new deck of cards: THE STAR KINGS.     Inspired by the graphic novel “The Warriors of Shambala” from “The Chronicles of Star Frontiers” series, the cards depict a wide variety of characters from the comic book….

16 February

DEMONAIPES deck. The most evil and funny playing cards

After nearly one year of its latest creation, the old friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, strikes back with his new deck DEMONAIPES. True to his humorous style, Demonaipes arises from hell in a stunning limited edition of just 100 decks. A Spanish deck with custom suits where golds, cups, swords and clubs are skulls, cauldrons, pitchforks and torches.     Each deck will be signed by the artist and numbered between 600 and 700. This curious numbering system pursues…

23 October

MIGHTY HEROIC MINIS Playing Cards. The minimalist heroes strike back

A few months ago a campaign about minimalist superheroes was presented. Unfortunately, some issues forced the cancellation of the project but Two Geeks Gaming guys are back with a new edition of this deck: MIGHTY HEROIC MINIS. The cards have been improved while keeping the style of the original deck inspired by well known superheroes and super-villains. This will be the first in a series called SMArt consisting of theme decks with minimalist designs. The court cards, aces, jokers and cards numbered with 10…

04 October

THE EERIES Playing Cards. Three angelic children struggle against the forces of evil

If you are one of those lucky persons in the world that reads Max Playing Cards too often,  you know that, beyond those remarkable elegant and intricate designs, I love finding decks with their own life, with an emotional and exciting inspiration. This is the case of The EERIES. Despite the name, which suggests something disturbing and strange, EERIES shows us three “tender” children whose ages and personalities found in this deck something in common: their interest in the mysterious and the…

17 July

Mighty Super Heroes Playing Cards. Minimalist superheroes meet in a new deck

  So far we have seen decks inspired by all sorts of topics, including the world of comic books and superheroes. We have also seen a proliferation of minimalist designs in playing cards. What we have not seen till now is a deck of superheroes with minimalist designs. This is exactly what we can find in Mighty Super Heroes Playing Cards. Mighty Super Heroes is not an isolated deck, but the first in a series called SMArt created by Two Geeks…

18 May

OLYMPICOMIC deck. Even the Olympic rings can’t stop laughing

  Sense of humor and playing cards meet again. After the BaraJA-JA and The Kingdom of León decks, Carlos Garcia Valverde launches his latest creation: the Olympicomic Deck.     Using the same funny designing style, the Olympicomic Deck celebrates all the Olympic Games organized in the modern era, from Athens 1896 to Rio de Janeiro 2016.     Like it happened in the previous creations, the cards follow the Spanish deck schema, with the four traditional suits: coins, cups, swords…

25 December

The Kingdom of León Deck. 1100 years of history in 40 playing cards

  The Kingdom of León was undoubtedly the main protagonist in the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula that, for more than 800 years, configured a regional structure of Spain very similar to what we know today. Coinciding with the celebration of the 1100th anniversary and the declaration of the Chalice of Doña Urraca as the true Holy Grail (according to studies by prestigious researchers), the artist and friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, has designed the deck of…

09 March

Comic Cards Issue #1 deck. Playing cards with superpowers

  Cobey Pile is part of Home Run Games, and the man behind great 8-bit decks campaigns. He failed to fund this project some time ago and comes back stronger and with more superpowers: Comic cards Issue 1 playing cards.     The cards have been designed by Brad Ashworth and they are completely inspired in Comic art, heroes and villains, fantasy, space, … The court cards, the aces and even the back have been made as comic strips so all…

08 August

Bara JA-JA. A deck to laugh your head off

      All his life dedicated to comics, illustration and graphic design, Carlos García Valverde created over thirty years ago (1980), as a gift to a friend in the military service, a Spanish deck of 40 cards full of comic situations. It was completely handmade and manually plasticized.     Social networks reconnected both friend after many years, and they remembered old times, including that almost forgotten exclusive deck. and made a digital scan. After publishing the images on…