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23 May

SILVER SACKBUT Playing Cards. The vintage spirit of Las Vegas casinos

Revisiting traditional casino cards, especially those full of history (Jerry’s Nuggets, Golden Nuggets, Caesar Palace, …) has become very popular. That vintage touch of Las Vegas casino cards is appealing to many fans and stimulates the nostalgia of others. Magic Square is a young Chinese dealer devoted to playing cards magic products that has created their first campaign: SILVER SACKBUT. Inspired by Hong Kong’s gambling films from the 90s, Silver Sackbut shows reminiscences of Las Vegas casino cards in the…

27 November

MUS&FUN Spanish Playing Cards. A group of solidary mustache “sotas”

The modern facilities of the current Casino Kursaal are in fact worthy heirs to the Gran Casino, an emblem of the Belle Epoque in San Sebastian which began its activity in 1921, just three years before the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera banned the game and closed its doors.     Today, Casino Kursaal is a consolidated and updated institution that offers its clients a wide variety of entertainment services in the heart of San Sebastián city. But in addition…

21 January

PRIMO Playing Cards by Edgy Brothers. Classic cards with a MOD touch

Edgy brothers already have their place in the Hall of Fame of card designing. Following successful campaigns in which they have shown not only a superb quality designs but also a fantastic service to their backers and fans, they present a completely new and different deck: PRIMO.     Primo is an important change of style in Edgy Brothers’ work. Leaving their colorful and ornate designs in their previous decks, they have created this one in a more classical style, but…

08 November

Bicycle Casino Playing Cards. These croupiers will make you lose all your money

  Collectable Playing Cards has become in very short period of time, in one of the most prolific card productor. Since their beginning in the summer of last year, they have been distributed worldwide more than 30 different editions. The latest creation is Bicycle Casino. Designed by Tom Dalston, the creator of the Classic Monsters decks, these cards are inspired by the bright world of gambling and casinos with their lights and shadows.     For the customization of the deck…