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14 October

FORMA Playing Cards. Geometry at the service of Cardistry

In search of fresh proposals for custom cards designed for cardistry, TCC Cardistry has collaborated with an expert illustrator to create a quite interesting deck: FORMA.     FORMA is the result of the work by Ale Urrutia, a Uruguayan designer based in China whose works are characterized by an intense use of color and simple forms. For this deck Ale has taken the basic geometric shapes as the main design elements, wisely combined with flat colors (blue, red and white)…

25 September

OCULUS Playing Cards. The pointillist deck for the best flourishes

Two friends, Mike Wilson (The Doc/@thedoc318), a cardistry and magic fan and  Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) a talented designed and a good friend of Max Playing Cards,  have teamed to create something new for both: OCULUS. For Mike, a passionate of magic and cardistry who works trying to incorporate them into helping autistic persons grow in their social, motor and self-knowledge skills , this is his very first playing cards project. For Randy, Oculus is the very first deck designed with cardistry in mind. Both wanted to…

23 March

Joker and the Thief Playing Cards. The review of the reviewers

  James Milaras y Reuben Nutt founded in 2012 “Joker and the Thief“, a YouTube channel devoted to do original reviews of playing card decks specialy focused in the cardistry and flourishes perspective.  Now, they launch their own deck: Joker and the Thief. This is a deck that flees from boring minimalist proposals and tries to look for a balance between design and handling. The deck has its own story to tell and its own interpretation of the classic cards through symbolic designs…

30 July

The International Cardistry Open. One hundred decks in prizes

  The ICO (International Cardistry Open) is a worldwide championship which will both find one of the greatest cardist in the world and also encourage beginners to join in the fun. There will be prizes for the winners of both the beginner and veterans classes with a total of about 60 decks going to the winner, a brick to the winner of the beginners class and giveaways to random entrants and non entrants It starts on the 1st of August…

24 February

The best decks of 2013. United Cardists Hall of Fame

  United Cardists is formed by a group of amazing people interested on playing cards and one of the most active forum where you can find almost everything related to any cardistry aspect. After picking up all the community votes, the list of the best deck of 2013 has been published. For that purpose, 17 categories were defined, and three winners for each category have been declared. The 18th category is for “The best deck”. These are the categories: Best Ace…

27 June

Galaxy cards 2nd edition. Something more than a reprint

Perhaps you remember previous projects by AlieN InK, Galaxy and Flowers. After a series of vicissitudes, a renewed company eager to work has launched a new project: Galaxy Cards 2nd edition.   This new edition maintains the same concept as its predecessor, but many elements have been redesigned such as the pip set, the layout, pictures and, of course, the back and the tuck case.     Furthermore, there are two finishes of the deck available for backers, paper and…

20 July

Pr1me playing cards. Best cards in the world?

At least, that’s what they say in their official webpage header. 🙂 Pr1me Playing Cards is a young and keen Italian manufacturer of playing cards. They try to mix the good quality of Casino decks with a European design style, honouring their slogan, said by the famous Appius Claudius Caecus “Homo faber fortunae suae“ (“The man is the artificer of his own fortune”).   Pr1me Series 001   They designed the very first edition (Series 001) of their Pr1me playing…

19 July

Galaxy deck. Aliens strike back at Kickstarter

Some days ago, the former Galaxy deck project was canceled by the creators to improve and upgrade it. AlieN InK guys strike back at Kickstarter full of energy and illusion with the features of their new Galaxy deck. Creators state that the deck will be made with high quality paper stock from France (comparable to Bee Casino stock). 5000 units designed for both magician (reveal cards, gaff cards, borders,  …) and flourishers (fan and spreads). Classical suit have mutated to…