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18 February

The latest releases by Collectable Playing Cards. Bright exclusivity and oriental design

Collectable Playing Cards offers us once more two interesting Bicycle decks:   BICYCLE PRISM GILDED LIMITED RED     Following the success of the Prism Gilded deck that offered an amazing iridescent finish on the side of a Bicycle deck, CPC has launched the second edition of this deck, this time in red. That red will be applied to the tuck case shine and also to the gilding. Again, it is a reprint of the original cards, a Bicycle deck with standard…

06 February

ECLIPTIC Playing Cards. The zodiacal universe according to Chris Ovdiyenko

There are artists who are missed when they don’t created new decks for a while. This is the case of Chris Ovdiyenko, one of the most talented and successful artists on the playing cards crowdfunding scenario. After achieving overwhelming victory with Arcana, Oracle or Calaveras, where thousands of backers bet for his designs, Chris strikes back with something new and different: ECLIPTIC. Taking inspiration from the stars and the zodiacal constellations, Chris decided a year ago to create a different…

10 September

Gemini Playing Cards. The beauty of the imperfect symmetry

It has been over three years since his first job in Requiem and Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Stockholm 17 Playing Cards) has done nothing more than achieving success as a playing cards designer. Each new deck has been a spectacular display of talent and inspiration. Now, he gives us his latest creation: GEMINI.     Castor and Pollux, two twin brothers that were born from two eggs and different fathers, are mythological characters who gave name to the brightest stars of the…

17 November

Orbiter Playing Cards. Much more than a deck of cards

  Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) has given a lot of joy to card fans. His campaigns Gentlemen52, Viking and MADE have been spectacular and full of really beautiful editions. A few days ago he launched an ambitious project to fund a revolutionary system of decks storage and display: ORBITER. This system allows storing decks safely decks in clear acrylic boxes that optimize space without losing the ability to show their front and back. thanks to its 360º spin.  …

14 July

The Black Book Manifesto. Let your personality join to the artistic movement

  They created Black Book of Cards, an inspiring work and something completely new on typographic cards. Now, Sara and Scott (Uncommon Beat), go beyond that idea reinventing their own project with a new deck of cards: The Black Book Manifesto. This is something more than a deck of cards, it is something they have defined as an artistic movement. The idea is to convert this deck into something created by the own backers that will be, at the same time, the seed…

03 September

The Black Book of Cards. A new concept of typographic Deck

    After the successfully completed Urban Punk deck project, my friends from Uncommon Beat, Sara and Scott, give us a completely different and amazing idea: The Black Book of Cards.     This is, in fact, a typographic deck, but not the one we are used to see. All you can see in this design is a set of stunning shapes and portraits made by letters and words in an incredible composition. In this deck, every card is a…