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08 August

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Playing Cards. Eat me, drink me, enjoy me

Sasha Dounaevski is a restless soul. Born in Belarus, when she was 18 traveled to Israel for a six-month adventure and she has been living there for 22 years. During all this time, she has trained and grown as a graphic designer and teacher at a local school. Photography, painting, handmade are some of her hobbies. Interested in the crowdfunding philosophy, she found some playing card projects that amazed her and decided to create her own deck. Thus, she has…

30 June

Alice OF Wonderland. Alicia has grown up and she is steampunky.

    This is one of those times where having a look to the artwork, I don’t need to see the deck to know it will be stunning. The talented artist Juan Solorzano, a true fan of Alice in Wonderland, has decided to release his first deck of cards based on his own vision of the classic Carroll’s  tale: Alice of Wonderland. Inside Juan’s imagination, Alice has grown up in the late 1800’s Victorian Era, when her own tale was…