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24 March

TALLY HO MASTER CLASS Playing Cards. A completely updated classic

Among the card brands produced by the USPCC, one of the most popular among magicians and cardists is the well-known Tally-Ho. Many artists and producers have created their own custom Tally-Ho decks. Now, Gambler’s Warehouse launches something new and different: TALLY HO MASTER CLASS. Designed by Pablo M. (from 4PM Designs), Tally-Ho Masterclass takes the aesthetics of the classic Tally-Ho tuck case but completely redefines it through a luxurious finish as well as the cards faces, fully customized on pips, indexes, back,…

21 March

British Monarchy Tally-Ho Playing Cards. A deck worthy of the Royalty

  LUX Playing Cards has joined the cards tradition with the design tradition and presents their latest creation: British Monarchy Tally-Ho Deck. After the success of their two previous campaigns, Illusionist and Aves, LUX has decided to launch a Tally-Ho deck, one of the most popular and prestigious brands currently produced by USPCC. The deck keeps the typography and layout of the Tally-Ho traditional tuck case but with a complete customization in the cards.     The talented artist Nam Tibon, who has previously worked…