31 March

BICYCLE EARTHQUAKE and TORNADO Playing Cards. Two more disasters… but not the last

Collectable Playing Cards began a few months ago a series of decks dedicated to natural disasters. Following Volcano and Wildfire, EARTHQUAKE and TORNADO campaigns are currently in progress.



Both decks keep the same aesthetics of the series, with traditional structure and design but with new color schemes and customized pips.

The color scheme is based on the natural phenomenon each one represents, taking black and brown in EARTHQUAKE and black and blue-gray for TORNADO.



Both campaigns are already funded and CPC will launch soon the fifth deck of a total of  seven that form the series and whose sides together will depict the fearsome symbol of the skull.



If you want to get them, you can raise your pledge in the websites of the EARTHQUAKE project and the TORNADO project.

Good luck!

About the Author

I’m Max, a Spanish playing card collector. Although my early days were chaotic and I collected almost any deck, over time I have been focusing my efforts and my budget in collecting Bicycle cards and other U.S.-manufactured decks.


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