21 January

Spirit Playing Cards. These court cards will look at you in the eyes


Gambler’s Warehouse  brings us his latest creation: Spirit .

Designed by Charles A.P., known as the Blackout Brother, and creator of Blackout Kingdom y Steampunk Bandits, this new deck is quite different from the previous ones, with a more refined design and a very interesting interpretation of the court cards in a frontal posture.

Complex design elements that combine beautiful ornaments with symbols of all kinds provide a great beauty and elegance aspect.

Printed by the USPCC, there will be two different editions of the deck: an unbranded White and Gold Edition and a Bicycle branded Blue and Silver Edition. Both will use foil in the case and metallic inks on the card backs.

It will be certainly a beautiful creation of GW that you should not miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



About the Author

I’m Max, a Spanish playing card collector. Although my early days were chaotic and I collected almost any deck, over time I have been focusing my efforts and my budget in collecting Bicycle cards and other U.S.-manufactured decks.

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