27 February

Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle Playing Cards. Two in one



This is not the very first time I talk about a deck based on the Steampunk cultural movement or about a deck based on Lovecraft world, but this is the first deck I talk about based on both: The Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle deck.



Nat Iwata, the author, has improved the design including a stunning Bicycle tuck box, so enjoy the images and pledge for this amazing deck that will be printed, if funded, by USPCC. It is Bicycle, it is Steampunk, it is Cthulhu… What else?

Good luck!



About the Author

I’m Max, a Spanish playing card collector. Although my early days were chaotic and I collected almost any deck, over time I have been focusing my efforts and my budget in collecting Bicycle cards and other U.S.-manufactured decks.


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